BPC157 For Building Muscle

BPC157 For Building Muscle

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BPC157 for Building Muscle

Contact : Mr.Thyen

Email us at zhangyinglong@ycphar.com

Whatsapp : +86 180 3817 6818

What is BPC 157? 

BPC 157 is a pentadecapeptide, meaning a chain consisting of 15 amino acids. Has been identified as a partial sequence of a bodily protective compound (BPC) that can be isolated from the gastric juice located in the animal test subject. It has a molecular weight of 1419.53552, the formula is C62H98N16O22. It can be referenced by the alternate name BPC 15, BPC-157 or Booly Protection Compound 15.


How BPC-157 Works? 

The main features of healing are granulation tissue, angiogenesis and collagen production. BPC-157 contributes to angiogenesis. Angiogenesis (vascular) formation (formation) is the formation of blood vessels. No, it's serious about this fool. Take any two words that they are out of order in Greek and / or Latin, and you get medical terminology.

BPC-157 plays a role in the regulation of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF), a growth factor that causes the growth of capillaries into new areas to carry blood and nutrients. This is how the blood flow is cured. This occurs only in the actual tendon and muscle tissue, and cell culture of BPC-157 does not affect VEGF or healing.

Usually, the ulcer and tendon blood supply is very low, so the ulcer will not heal, nor will the tendon. However, the use of drugs that can increase tendon healing, athletes can break through the new plateau, and not as heavy as their body, the body may fall apart.


Bpc 157 Benefits :

1) BPC 157 has been shown in rat studies to heal torn quadriceps muscles, detached achilles tendon, muscles that have been damaged/crushed
2) Dramatic fast recovery from muscle tears
3) Tendon to bone healing
4) Increased ligament healing
5) Has a variety of protective effects in the organs
6) Human trials demonstrate healing and prevention of stomach ulcers
7) No adverse reactions have been seen in human trials.


Dosage :

you can use anywhere from 200mcg being a medium dose up to 500mcg ... depending on severity of issue ( if severe) dose 2x a day at 350 mcg totaling 700 mcg.

Is BPC 157 IM or sub q injection?BPC 157 is both, you can do IM or subq as close as you can to the injection site, preferably around 1-4 inches away to yield the most benefit to the injured area.


Side effects :

there are absolutely none that i know of well No one knows, however the first time i used it i got a head ache and felt generally sick, however this was only for a day. I'm now 100% this is most likely a coincidence, most probably a body reaction to the first time. to be honest there are no side effects, its in clinical trial phase 2 ATM and they have reported 0 effects, only positives.

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