Ipamorelin 2mg Peptide

Ipamorelin 2mg Peptide

Contact : Mr.Thyen------------------------------- Email us at zhangyinglong@ycphar.com Whatsapp : +86 180 3817 6818

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Ipamorelin 2mg Peptide

Contact : Mr.Thyen

Email us at zhangyinglong@ycphar.com

Whatsapp : +86 180 3817 6818

1 . Ipamorelin is a pentapeptide composed of 5 amino acids that causes a significant release of  hormone from the anterior pituitary gland, and has the dual action of also suppressing somatostatin, a peptide hormone that inhibits the release of hormone. It is getting a lot of attention in the bodybuilding world.  
2 . Ipamorelin are increased fat loss, rejuvenation and strengthening of joints, connective tissue and bone mass,maintenance of lean muscle tissue,  to increase low GH levels when natural GH secretion has been inhibited by long-term abuse of synthetic GH,improved skin tone and hair quality,due to anti aging benefits associated with GH treatment .
3 . Ipamorelin is the mildest and safest on sides out of the entire GHRP family, it still comes with side effects.
Dosage and Usage
1 . Ipamorelin is typically dosed at 1 microgram per kilogram of body weight, normally administered 2-4 times daily, to coincide with the natural release patterns of GH.
3 . Bigger or more experienced guys will administer 150-300 micrograms.
4 . Ipamorelin when injected in 200 -300 mcg amounts, releases very slowly in the body, it does not suddenly raise ones Cortisol and Prolactin levels. It maximizes the length it stays and works to help ward off hunger and build muscle.

Ipamorelin is a penta-peptide hormone (Aib-His-D-2-Nal-D-Phe-Lys-NH2), a ghe secretagogue and a small molecule ghrelin mimetic developed by Novo Nordisk. Ipamorelin belongs to the most recent generation of GHRPs and causes significant release of ghe. Similar to GHRP-6and GHRP-2, it suppresses somatostatin and increases the stimulation and release of ghe (GH) from the anterior pituitary. Currently, there are few clinical trials involving Ipamorelin, which were first being studied in the 90s. Somatotropes are the cells that are responsible for producing and releaseing GH.

Advantage Over GHRP-6, GHRP-2 :
only selectively releases GH at any dose; does not release and increase negative hormones like cortisol (stress / muscle loss) & prolactin (water retention / sexual dysfunction / bitch tits); a mega-dose of Ipamorelin will result in a mega-release of GH, where as GHRP-2 & GHRP-6 have limits of 1mcg / kg.

Useful for: Bodybuilders looking to tighten up; Ordinary people for fat loss and quality shredded muscle gain; older persons looking for anti-aging benefits; rapid injury rehabilitation; Post-Cycle Therapy

T-A002PEG MGF2mg
T-A003CJC-1295 with DAC2mg
T-A004CJC-1295 without DAC2mg
T-A0015pentadecapeptide BPC 1572mg
T-A0016HGH fragment 176-1912mg

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