Seractide Peptide Therapeutic Corticotropin Drug

Seractide Peptide Therapeutic Corticotropin Drug

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Seractide Peptide Therapeutic Corticotropin Drug 


Contact : Mr.Thyen

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Whatsapp : +86 180 3817 6818

  • Product Name: Serrac (10mg)

  • CAS: 12279-41-3

  • Purity: 95%

  • Appearance: white solid

  • Category: Pharmaceutical Raw Materials

  • Deferred products: Injection

  • Use: Increased: seen in stress states, primary adrenal insufficiency, Cushing syndrome, Nelson syndrome, congenital adrenal hyperplasia, and pituitary adrenocorticocytoma. Decrease: seen in hypopituitarism, adrenal cortical tumors, pituitary tumors, and anterior pituitary lesions.

  • Usage and dosage: After oral administration, CTH is destroyed by pepsin in the stomach and can only be injected. Plasma t1/2 is 15 minutes. It is at normal plasma concentrations of 22 pg/ml at 8 am and 9.6 pg/ml at 10 pm. Its main role is to promote the secretion of glucocorticoids, but only when the cortical function is intact can play a therapeutic role. Typically, the cortex begins to secrete hydrocortisone 2 hours after administration.


Peptides Product list

  1. Melanotan 2(10mg)

  2. Melanotan 1(10mg)

  3. GHRP-6(10mg)

  4. GHRP-6(5mg)   

  5. GHRP-2(10mg) 

  6. GHRP-2(5mg)

  7. CJC 1295(2mg)         

  8. CJC 1295 DAC(2mg)      

  9. Ipamorelin(2mg)

  10. Ipamorelin(5mg)       

  11. MGF(2mg)               

  12. MGF(5mg)

  13. PEG-MGF(2mg)          

  14. AOD 9604(2mg)          

  15. BPC 157(2mg)

  16. BPC 157(5mg)          

  17. TB-500(2mg)           

  18. TB-500(5mg)

  19. PT-141(10mg)          

  20. Hexarelin(2mg)         

  21. Sermorelin(2mg)

  22. ACE-031(1mg)          

  23. Follistatin 344(1mg)   

  24. Follistatin 315(1mg)   

  25. GDF-8(1mg)

  26. Oxytocin(2mg)         

  27. Triptorelin(2mg)       

  28. HGH fragment (2mg)

  29. HGH fragment (5mg)

  30. HGH fragment (10mg)

  31. Tesamorelin(2mg)

  32. IGF-1lr3(0.1mg)

  33. IGF-1lr3(1mg)     

  34. Gonadorelin(2mg)

  35. Gonadorelin(10mg)     

  36. DSIP(2mg)              

  37. Selank(5mg)

  38. Epitalon(10mg)    

  39. Deslorelin(20mg)       

  40. Thymosin α1 Acetate(10mg)

Seractide Certificate of Analysis


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