Azathioprine Powder CAS 446-86-6

Azathioprine Powder CAS 446-86-6

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Azathioprine Powder CAS 446-86-6

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Product name: Azathioprine
Alias: Imurel; Azathioprin; Azanin; Imuran; azatihoprine;
CAS number: 446-86-6
EINECS Number: 207-175-4
Molecular formula:C9H7N7O2S
Molecular weight: 277.26300
Exact mass: 277.03800
PSA: 143.40000
LogP: 1.66900
Appearance and traits: light yellow crystalline powder
Density: 1.9 g/cm3
Melting point: 243-244°C
Boiling point: 685.7oC at 760 mmHg
Refractive index: 1.923
Stability: Stable. Incompatible with strong oxidizing agents, strong bases.
Storage conditions: ventilation and low temperature drying
Steam pressure: 7.98E-12mmHg at 25°C
Signal Word: Danger
Hazard statement: H302; H315; H319; H335; H350
Cautionary statements: P201; P261; P305 + P351 + P338; P308 + P313
Customs Code: 2933990090
Hazard Category Code: R45
Safety instructions: S53-S22-S26-S36/37-S45
RTECS number: UO8925000
Dangerous goods signs: Xi; T; Xn

Azathioprine is an imidazole derivative of purine that functions to decompose to purine in the body. The mechanism of its immune action is the same as that of purines, that is, it has purine antagonism. Since purine substances are required for the proliferation of immunocompetent cells after antigen stimulation, purine antagonism at this time can inhibit the synthesis of DNA, RNA, and protein, thereby inhibiting Proliferation of lymphocytes, ie, the prevention of transformation of antigen-sensitive lymphocytes into immune mother cells, produces an immune effect.


Azathioprine COA:

Product name



Outer Packing

Production date


Shelf life


Standard adopted


Items of analysis




Pale yellow powder





Acidity or Alkalinity

NMT 0.1ml of HCL 0.020N or NMT 0.1 ml of NaOH 0.020N


Loss on Drying

1.0 %Max


Residue On Ignition

0.1 %Max

0.06 %

Mercaptopurine (TLC)

1.0 %Max


Assay(dry basis)






It is mainly used for anti-rejection during organ transplantation. It is mostly used together with corticosteroids or anti-lymphocyte globulin (ALG), which has good curative effect. It is also widely used in autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus, active chronic hepatitis, ulcerative colitis, myasthenia gravis, and scleroderma. For chronic nephritic and nephrotic syndrome, the efficacy seems to be inferior to cyclophosphamide. Because of its serious and serious adverse reactions, the treatment of these diseases is not the preferred drug, and it is usually used when corticosteroids alone cannot be controlled.


This product can cause bone marrow suppression, liver damage, teratogenic and so on. This product must not be opened or crushed. The outer packaging must not be accepted after it has been ruptured. It is harmless to carry the complete film product and it is not necessary to take other protective measures. Or follow the doctor's advice.
Patients with renal insufficiency should be appropriately reduced. Symptomatic treatment is generally used for overdose, and severe cases may be considered for dialysis.
Medication taboo editing
People with impaired liver function are disabled. Pregnant women use it with caution.


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