Bivalirudin Trifluoroacetate Cas 128270-60-0

Bivalirudin Trifluoroacetate Cas 128270-60-0

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Product Details

Bivalirudin Trifluoroacetate/Cas No.: 128270-60-0

Sequence: D-Phe-Pro-Arg-Pro-Gly-Gly-Gly-Gly-Asn-Gly-Asp-Phe-Glu-Glu-Ile-Pro-Glu-Glu-Tyr-Leu-OH

Purity (HPLC): 98.0%min.

Appearance: White Powder

Molecular Formula: C98H138N24O33

Molecular Weight: 2180.33

Single Impurity (HPLC): 1.0%max

Amino Acid Composition: ±10% of theoretical

Peptide Content (N%): ≥80.0% 

Water Content (Karl Fischer): ≤8.0%

TrifluoroAcetate Content(HPIC): ≤12.0%

MS (ESI): Consistent

Mass Balance: 95.0~105.0%

Usage:This product is mainly used for the prevention of vascular interventional treatment of unstable angina molding, ischemic complications before and after.

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