D-Xylose CAS 58-86-6

D-Xylose CAS 58-86-6

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Contact : Mr.Thyen

Email us at zhangyinglong@ycphar.com

Whatsapp : +86 180 3817 6818


D-Xylose Specification(BP98):

Appearance    White  Crystalline powder
Clarity and color of solution    Clear and Colorless
Assay     99.0%-102.0%
Purity     98.5%min
Density     0.70-0.80/CC
Loss on Drying     0.3%max 
Specific Optical Rotation       +18.5  -  +19.5 
Heavy Metals      5ppm max 
Arsenic      0.5ppm max 
Chloiride       100ppm max
Sulphate ash       0.05%max 
Filtration rate        97% max 
PH Value        5.5 max 
Acidity        0.2ml max 
Coliform        Negative

Application :

1.To produce Xylitol after hydrogenation .

2.Add in feedstuff for pets in some advanced countries .

3.The pure crystalline D-Xylose can be the good material in stead of sugar or producer flavor agent by its maillard reaction .Compared with other six carbon sugar ,D-Xylose needs fewer reaction time to get different flavors like roast beef/pork ,cooking meat ,chicken ,baked potato,baking food  and so on . Through different hydrolyzed protein and amino acid reponse .The FEMA approved D-Xylose as a safe food additive.

4.High quality soy sauce color .

5.Raw material for essence to meat .

6.Produced anti-oxidants for food.

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