Guanidineacetic Acid CAS 352-97-6

Guanidineacetic Acid CAS 352-97-6

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Guanidineacetic Acid CAS 352-97-6

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Basic information
CAS No:352-97-6                                                                           Einecs No.:  206-529-5
Character:white or little yellow crystalline powder                MF: C3H7N3O2
MW:117.10                                                                                    Purity:98%
Quality Guarantee Period:Two Years Min                                 Grade Standard:enterprise standard
Sample:10-20g Free Sample                                                        Brand Name:Wongpharm

Guanidineacetic acid /Glycocyamine  352-97-6


English Name: Guanidineacetic acid
Molecular Formula: C3H7N3O2
Molecular Weight: 117.10
CAS Number: 352-97-6
Description: White crystal or crystalline power, sparingly soluble in heat water.
Melting Point: Above 265° C.
Content: ≥ 99%

Guanidinoacetic acid

1. Improving animal shape: Phosphoric acid creatine only in muscle and nerve tissue present in large amounts in the fat tissue little content. According to the present market situation, the shape standard, lean pig sell high price generally higher than the market price will be 0.1 0.2 yuan/kg, but indirect profits more than 10-20 yuan/pigs.

2. Promote animal growth: First-line muscle is a precursor of the muscle acid acetic acid content, stable performance, high absorptivity, can cause more energy to assigned to the synthesis of the muscle tissue.

3. Product stability, the use of safe: First-line muscle finally with acetic acid creatinine form of animals' metabolism of the body, the body is no residual within. Effectively overcome the lean lean production in the practice of the extract to side effects, good safety.

4. Scavenging free radicals, improve incarnadine: Supplement creatine can reduce the mitochondria free radical production, and get better incarnadine and muscle quality.

5. Improve breeding reproductive performance

Glycocyamine Function:

1) Glycocyamine(Guanidineacetic Acid) is an energy enhancer, which can improve the body energy, especially high physical strength and long time Physical exercise, it show the good effect in improving athletic intensity. Just like creatine as but no the related side effects.

2) According to engineer's information, formulate with betaine, glycocyamine(Guanidineacetic Acid) can be a food additive that treat muscle weakness.

3) Glycocyamine(Guanidineacetic Acid) can be used as the intermediates of organic synthetic.

Store: Keep sealed and store in a ventilated place. Prevention of heat or sunlight. Toxic and deleterious substances are strictly prohibited mixed up in this production.  It should be a shelter during transportation, prevent moisturizing.


DescriptionWhite or light yellow crystalline powder
Melting Point265°C
Heavy Metals10ppm max
As1ppm max
Loss on Drying0.5% max
Residue on Ignition0.2% max
Total Plate Count1000/g max
Mold100/g max
Coli BacillusNegative



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