Hydrocortisone Ancetate CAS 50-03-3

Hydrocortisone Ancetate CAS 50-03-3

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Hydrocortisone Ancetate


Contact : Mr.Thyen

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English name: Hydrocortisone acetate
English Name: cortisol acetate; hydrocortisone-21-acetate; Abbocort; Acetate-as; Cortell
CAS: 50-03-3
EINECS Number: 200-004-4
Formula: C23H32O6
MW: 404.4966
Molecular Structure:

Density: 1.26g / cm3
Melting point: 222-225 ℃
Boiling point: 576.6 ° C at 760 mmHg
Flash Point: 196.2 ° C
Vapor Pressure: 1.08E-15mmHg at 25 ° C

Melting point 222-225 ° C
Decomposition temperature of 223 ° C
Corticosteroid drugs, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, anti-toxins, anti-shock effect

2. Description:

Hydrocortisone acetate (corticosteroids for the skin (topical)) is also known as cortisol acetate (corticosteroids for the skin (topical)).

3. Uses:

Treating inflammation and itching of the anal area due to certain skin conditions. The medical food is used for the dietary management of a condition called chronic venous insufficiency (CVI) that may contribute to hemorrhoids.

Hydrocortisone acetate/pramoxine cream is a combination topical corticosteroid and local anesthetic cream packaged with a medical food product. The cream works by reducing skin inflammation (redness, swelling, itching, and irritation) in a way that is not exactly understood. It also decreases pain in the affected area. The tablets work to restore certain body processes toward normal.

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Minimum Order: 10-100 grams.our min packing of each powder is 10g or 100g, but some expensive powder can be bought at several grams.

Payment Method: Western Union,Money Gram,T/T.

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