L-Carnitine For Fat Loss

L-Carnitine For Fat Loss

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L(-)-Carnitine Product Name:L(-)-Carnitine

L(-)-Carnitine CAS:541-15-1



L(-)-Carnitine EINECS:208-768-0

mp:197-212 °C(lit.)

alpha:-31 º (c=10, H2O)

L(-)-Carnitine refractive index:-32 ° (C=1, H2O)

Chemical Properties:White crystalline

L(-)-Carnitine Usage:antimethemoglobinemic, cyanide antidote,Essential cofactor of fatty acid metabolism; required for the transport of fatty acids through the inner mitochondrial membrane. Synthetized primarily in the liver and kidney; highest concentrations f ound in heart and skeletal muscle. Dietary sources include red meat, dairy products, beans, avocado.

Usage:Carniking(R) is a product for premix- and feed industry. It is particularly recommended for the enrichment of compound feed.

L(-)-Carnitine Usage:Natrulon(R) RC-50DG is a 50% solution of L-Carnitine in decaglycerol/water. Natrulon(R) RC-50DG to provide a truly multi-functional product: an exfoliating product with excellent moisturization capability.

L(-)-Carnitine COA

Product NameL-Carnitine(C7H15NO3)CAS: 541-15-1

Items TestedSpecificationResult


DescriptionWhite crystalline powderWhite crystalline powder

Identification AIR & NMR spectrumConfirm

Specific rotation -29.0o~-32.0o-31.08o


Residue on ignition%¡Ü0.50.08

Water %¡Ü4.00.19

Heavy metals (ppm)¡Ü10¡Ü10

Arsenic (ppm)¡Ü2<1

Chloride %¡Ü0.4<0.02

Cyanamid (ppm)Non DetectableNon Detectable

Sodium %¡Ü0.1<0.1

Potassium %¡Ü0.2<0.2

Residue acetone%¡Ü0.10.02

ConclusionIt complies to USP32

L(-)-Carnitine Product Tags:L(-)-Carnitine、541-15-1

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