Maltol CAS 118-71-8

Maltol CAS 118-71-8

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1.  Product Name:

Product Categories:Food and Feed Additive;Food & Feed ADDITIVES;Heterocycles;Food & Flavor Additives;Aromatics;Miscellaneous Reagents;C3 to C6;Cichorium intybus (Chicory);Building Blocks;Carbonyl Compounds;Chemical Synthesis;Ketones;Nutrition Research
Chemical Properties:white crystalline powder
standard:FCC IV
Usage:A fragrance molecule used in flavor enhancers and fragrances.
General Description:White crystalline powder with a fragrant caramel-butterscotch odor. pH (5% aqueous solution) 5.3.
Air & Water Reactions:May be sensitive to prolonged exposure to light and air. Somewhat soluble in water at room temperature. Freely soluble in hot water [Merck]. Slightly soluble in cold water.
Reactivity Profile:3-Hydroxy-2-methyl-4H-pyran-4-one is weakly acidic. Reacts with bases. May react with reducing agents. Volatile with steam.
Fire Hazard Flash point data on 3-Hydroxy-2-methyl-4H-pyran-4-one are not available; however, 3-Hydroxy-2-methyl-4H-pyran-4-one is probably combustible.

2.  Description

Maltol is applied to many foods as: 

Flavour enhancer; It provides the distinctive aromas of baking and roasting. 

As intensifier of sweetness in confections and chocolate products, desserts and beverages; By adding minor amounts of maltol, 15 per cent of sugar can be saved 

As aroma and flavour enhancer for intense caramel aroma.

3.  Specification:


SpecificationValueActual value
AppearanceWrite powder or needle CrystalsOK
FlavourSweet flavurOK
Assay (as C6H6O3)≥99.099.69
Melting Rauge160-164162-163
(As)%  Arsenic≤0.0003OK
Heavy Metal(as pb)≤0.0001OK
Residue on ignition≤0.20.08
The products have passed the ualysis sccording to FCC(IV)


Name CASPurity
CDP-Choline987-78-0≥98% HPLC
Citicoline sodium33818-15-4≥98% HPLC

Coluracetam (MKC-231)135463-81-9≥99.0% HPLC

Fasoracetam110958-19-5≥99.0% HPLC
Galantamine Hydrobromide1953-4-4≥99.0% HPLC
Huperzine A 102518-79-6≥1.0% and 99%  HPLC
Armodafinil112111-43-0≥99.0% HPLC

adrafinils63547-13-7≥99.0% HPLC
Hydrafinil (9-Fluorenol)1689-64-1≥99.0% HPLC
L-Alpha glycerylphosphorylcholine/ GPC28319-77-950%, 99% HPLC
Phosphatidylserine 51446-62-9≥20%, 50% and 70% HPLC
L-α-Phosphatidylcholine8002-43-570%, 50%
Magnesium L-Threonate778571-57-6≥95.0% Titration
N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine537-55-398%~102% HPLC
Noopept157115-85-0≥99.0% HPLC
Oxiracetam  62613-82-5≥99.0% HPLC
Phenibut1078-21-3≥99.0% HPLC
Phenylpiracetam 77472-70-9≥99% HPLC

Pikamilone (Sodium)62936-56-5≥98%~101%Titration
Piracetam7491-74-9≥99.0% HPLC

Pramiracetam68497-62-1≥98.0~102.0% HPLC

Sulbutiamine3286-46-2≥98.0% HPLC
Sunifiram 314728-85-3≥99.5% HPLC
Tianeptine Hemisukfate Monohydrate,tianeptine sulfate66981-73-5≥98.0%~102.0% HPLC
Tianeptine sodium30123-17-2≥99.0% HPLC

Vincamine1617-90-9≥99.0% HPLC
Vinpocetine42971-09-5≥99.0% HPLC
PRL-8-53 51352-87-5≥99.0% HPLC
NSI-189 1270138-40-3≥99.0% HPLC
IDRA-2122503-72-6≥99.0% HPLC
Mexidol127464-43-1≥99.0% HPLC
agomelatine138112-76-2≥99.0% HPLC
5a hydroxy laxogenin56786-63-1≥99.0% HPLC

tadanafil171596-29-5≥99.0% HPLC
avanafil330784-47-9≥99.0% HPLC


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