Nisin CAS 1414-45-5

Nisin CAS 1414-45-5

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 Product Name Nisin 
 CAS No. 1414-45-5
 Appearance Light brown to cream white powder
 Grade Food Grade
 MF C143H230N42O37S7
 Weight 25kg/bag
 Shelf Life 2 years
 Certification Halal,Kosher,Iso,Haccp
 Packing 25kg bags


AppearanceLight brown to cream white powderConforms
Potency (IU/ mg)1000 Min1115
Loss on drying (%)3 Max0.5
pH (10% solution)3.1- 3.63.4
Arsenic≤ 1 mg/kg< 1 mg/kg
Lead≤ 1 mg/kg< 1 mg/kg
Mercury≤ 1 mg/kg< 1 mg/kg
Total heavy metals ( as Pb)≤ 10 mg/kg< 10 mg/kg
Sodium chloride (%)50 MinConforms
Total plate count≤ 10 cfu/gConforms
Coliform bacteria≤ 30 MPN/ 100gConforms
E.coli/ 5gNegativeNegative
Salmonella/ 10gNegativeNegative

Nisin Description

Nisin is a natural anti-microbial agent used as a preservative in heat processed and low pH foods. Its anti-microbial activity is used against a wide range of gram-positive bacteria and their spores, which cause food spoilage. It especially inhibits heat-resistant bacilli, such as B.Stearothermophilus, C. Butyricum and L. monocytogenes. Nisin alone is not effective against gram-negative bacteria or yeasts and molds. Research has shown that Nisin in combination with chelating agents such as EDTA or nonionic surfactants such as Polysorbate 20, shows potent bactericidal activity against gram-negative organisms.

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