Repaglinide CAS 135062-02-1

Repaglinide CAS 135062-02-1

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Repaglinide is an antidiabetic drug in the class of medications known as meglitinides. Repaglinide is an oral medication used in addition to diet and exercise for blood sugar control in type 2 diabetes mellitus. The mechanism of action of repaglinide involves promoting insulis release from β-islet cells of the pancreas; like other antidiabetic drugs, a main side effect concern is hypoglycemia.

Product Name



Repaglinide; (S)-(+)-2-Ethoxy-4-[N-[1-(2-piperidinophenyl)-3-methyl-1-butyl] aminocar bonylmethyl]benzoic acid, Novonorm; Prandin; RepaglinideG0D(ai);



Einecs No


Molecular Formula


Molecular Weight




Melting Point

129-130.2 °C


White crytalline powder


Pharma Grade


Non-sulfonylurea oral hypoglycemic agent. Used as an antidiabetic


The R-enantiomer showed only weak hypoglycemic activity.


A KIR6 (KATP) channel blocker; Antineoplastic

Usage And Dosage
Repaglinide should be taken before the main meal (ie, before meals). In the 30 minutes of oral administration of insuli secretion response. Usually within 15 minutes before the meal taking the drug, medication time can also be mastered in the morning 0 to 30 minutes.

Please follow the medications. Dosage varies from person to person, depending on individual blood sugar, recommended starting dose of 0.5 mg, after the need for weekly or every two weeks to adjust.

Patients receiving other oral hypoglycemic agents can be treated directly with repaglinide. The recommended starting dose is 1 mg. The maximum recommended single dose of 4mg, when taking meals. But the maximum daily dose should not exceed 16mg.

1. Anti-diabetic medicine. Oral non-sulfonylurea hypoglycemic agent, for the treatment of type 2 diabetes.
2. Used as hypolycemic agent.


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