Spirulina powder CAS 724424-92-4

Spirulina powder CAS 724424-92-4

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Synonyms:SPIRULINA POWDER;Spirulina Powder/Teblet;Spirulina Powder S


Spirulina plantensis Brief Introduction

Spirulina plantensis is a one-celled, spiral-shaped microscopic blue-green algae which naturally occurs in a wide variety of environments including fresh water, tropical springs and salt pans. Spirulina naturally contains a large array of trace minerals, carbohydrates, enzymes, amino acids and essential fatty acids.

PureBulk's Spirulina powder is certified to contain more than 60 percent biologically complete protein. 

Spirulina plantensis Coa

Spirulina Powder Function

Spirulina powder can lose weight, keep fit;

Spirulina powder can treated gastrointestinal diseases, gastric and duodenal ulcer disease

Spirulina powder can improve cardiovascular function

Spirulina powder can enhance natural cleansing and detoxification

Spirulina powder can treated diabetes and cataract

Product Name                                  Organic Spirulina Powder

PAH                                                100%<10PPB

Appearance                                      Fine Dark Green Powder

Moisture                                          ≤ 7.0 %

Particle Size                                      100% Through 80 Mesh

Chlorophyll                                      12 mg/g

Protein                                             ≥ 60 %

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