Thiamphenicol Raw Powder CAS 15318-45-3

Thiamphenicol Raw Powder CAS 15318-45-3

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Thiamphenicol Raw Powder CAS 15318-45-3

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1. Quick Details: 

Product Name: Thiamphenicol
Alias:Methylsulfonyl chloramphenicol
Assay: 99%
Standard: EP/BP/JP/CP

Melting point: 163-166°C 
Density: 1.491g/cm3
Boiling point: 695.9° Cat760mmHg
Storage: -20° C Freezer, Under Inert Atmosphere
Appearance: White powder

Thiamphenicol is an antimicrobial substance intended for the treatment of infectious diseases in cattle, pigs and poultry. 
Packing: 25kg/drum


Thiamphenicol is a kind of chloromycetin type broad-spectrum antibiotic, its chemical constitution is similar to the chloromycetin's, its armor sulphonebase has substituted for the chloromycetin's niryl, thus the toxicity reduces, its antibacterial function is 2.5-5 times stronger than the chloromycetin. Clinically, the Thiamphenicol mainly uses in intestinal tract surgery, department of obstetrics and gynecology and department of eye; Ear; Nose and throat for curing the infection, especially has good function to light and moderate infection. Thiamphenicol also has strong immunosuppression action, is one kind of fine immunosuppressant. Its immunosuppression action is much more better than chloromycetin. 

3. Application: 

1. Mainly for chickens, ducks, geese spirit sluggish, enteritis, pulling yellow-white stool, airsacculitis, peritonitis, perihepatitis, salpingitis, vitelline peritonitis, the follicle deformation, intestinal mucosa congestive and bleeding, the mesentery appears granuloma accompanied with breathing difficult and other sympton caused by refractory E. Coli, pasteurella anatipestifer, salmone, etc. 

2. For livestock and poultrys acute or chronic respiratory disease, cough, runny nose. Also have good effect on E. Coli illness, salmonella, eperythrozoonosis, staphylococci diseases, fowl cholera, necrotizing enterocolitis and other bacterial diseases. 


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