Tranexamic Acid For Freckle And Whitening

Tranexamic Acid For Freckle And Whitening

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Product Details

Tranexamic acid

Tranexamic acid Product Name:Tranexamic acid

Tranexamic acid Synonyms:4-(Aminomethyl)cyclohexanecarboxylic Acid (cis- and trans- mixture);4-(Aminomethyl)cyclohexanecarboxylic acid;Tranexamic acid

Tranexamic acid CAS:701-54-2



Tranexamic acid EINECS:214-818-2

Tranexamic acid Product Categories:4-Substituted Cyclohexanecarboxylic Acids;Amines;Chiral Reagents;Impurities;Intermediates & Fine Chemicals;Pharmaceuticals;Isotope Labelled Compounds

Tranexamic acid mp:233 °C

Chemical Properties:White Solid

Tranexamic acid Usage:Labelled Tranexamic Acid,Tranexamic acid (T714505) impurity.


Cosmetics: tranexamic acid freckle and whitening effect

Tranexamic acid that is tranexamic acid, tranexamic acid is a protease inhibitor, can inhibit protease peptide bond hydrolysis catalyst, thus preventing such inflammatory protease enzyme activity, thereby inhibiting the epidermal spots site cell function confusion, and melanin enhanced factor group, and then completely cut off the route because of ultraviolet radiation and the formation of melanin occurred. That spots no longer let thicken, expand and increase, so that it can effectively prevent and improve skin pigmentation.

Tranexamic acid COA

Product NameTranexamic acid




AppearanceWhite crystalline powder

Package25kg / drum

Usagecan be used as pharmaceutical material

Minimum order quantity1kg

passmentProfessional team special for package and shipment and staring

on tracking code 24hours for customs pass guaranteed

ShippingBy express courier

Shipping leading timeWithin 24 hours after receiving the payment

Payment optionsWestern Union, MoneyGram, T/T,Bank transfer

shipping1)Express delivery with DHL,EMS,Fedex,HKEMS,TNT,UPS

(Express delivery within 24 hours after payment)

2)By sea (large quantity ,it will take 30-45days)


Supply ability50T/Month

Tranexamic acid Product Tags:Tranexamic acid、701-54-2,Whitening

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