Halodrol Muscle Growth Steroids

Halodrol Muscle Growth Steroids

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Contact : Mr.Thyen

Email us at thyen.zhang@gmail.com

Whatsapp : +86 180 3817 6818

Appearance : white crystalloid powder
CAS: 35937-40-7
Molecular formula : C20H29C1O2
Molecular weight: 337
Minimum order : 10gram


Dosage instruction :

Halodrol is a 17aa steroid that converts to the steroid oral Turinabol after interaction with 3b-HSD at an estimated rate of about 5%.

Because of this low conversion, doses must be higher than other 17aa pro-steroids. However, it is suspected that Halodrol has decent potency without conversion as good results are seen despite the relatively low conversion to Turinabol. Based on Vida’s data Halodrol appears to be about as potent as testosterone, and significantly less androgenic.

Gains from Halodrol generally take a few weeks to notice, but users can expect solid increases in strength, lean muscle mass, improved vascularity and minimal water retention. This allows some of the gains to be kept after the cycle if good diet and training are continued. Quick dramatic gains in size and strength are not generally noticed with Halodrol.

It is used successfully as a standalone, but would be expected to stack well with most other steroids, except 17aa oral due to liver toxicity concerns.


Average Dose:

100-150mg/day standalone
50-100mg/day when stacking


Halodrol Benefits:
Increased muscle fibers;
More powerful muscle pumps;
Greater muscular strength and size;
Improved vascularity;
Increased production of red blood cells;
Improved lactic acid clearing, resulting in improved endurance during workout;
Better oxygen and nutrient delivery offering greater endurance to working muscles;
Improved restoration of muscle glycogen, which allows for faster recovery after workout;
Inhibition of muscle destruction (catabolism);

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