Nandrolone Cypionate 200mg/ml Liquid

Nandrolone Cypionate 200mg/ml Liquid

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Nandrolone Cypionate 200mg/ml

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Product Name: Nandrolone Cypionate
Other Name: Deca Cyp ,Dynobal
CAS No: 601-63-8
EINECS: 210-006-7
Molecular formula: C26H38O3
Molecular weight: 398.58
Appearance: White powder
Packing: Customized package as you require
Usage: pharmaceutical raw materials.


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Nandrolone Cypionate Description

Nandrolone Cypionate, anabolic DN is an effective compound that produces a durable mass of muscle gain. This is because the half-life of the drug is relatively long (about 8 days).

Users report mild side effects, the biggest side effect is water retention. Synthetic metabolic DN is produced in Australia and is not as common as other similar compounds.


Nandrolone Cypionate Use

Nandrolone cypionate is an injectable form of synthetic metabolites. The ester provides a mode of hormone release that is substantially similar to testosterone propionate and has a peak level. The drug is noted for about 24-48 hours after administration and has a large amount of hormone release lasted for weeks.

200 USP injections provide norethister propionate, an anabolic steroid that has the effect of promoting anabolic and reducing androgenic activity compared to testosterone. In animal experiments, norulose has been shown to positively affect calcium metabolism and increase bone mass in osteoporosis.


Nandrolone Cypionate COA

Product name

Nandrolone cypionate


White or Almost White Crystalline Powder

White Powder




Loss On Drying



Specific Rotation



Melting Point



Ignition Residue



Nandrolone Cypionate Dosage:

For women: A regular dose of 50mg in a week is prescribed for performance enhancing purposes and if any major side effect is observed, it is good to disconnect the dose immediately. This drug works actively for few days and thus its side effects can be controlled soon. Some times Nandrolone Durabolin is preferred because of its negligible side effects.

For Men: Generally males are allowed to take regular dose of 200 to 400 mg in a week and this cycle is followed for 8 to 12 weeks. To perceive stronger anabolic effects sometimes people prefer to use a dose range of 450 to 600 mg. This drug can be stacked with testosterone to avoid androgenic side effects.