Ripex 225 Injectable Steroids Liquid

Ripex 225 Injectable Steroids Liquid

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Ripex 225

Contact : Mr.Thyen

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What is Ripex 225?

Ripex 225 is a powerful anabolic agent with very strong androgenic properties, providing you with the essential ingredients for high levels of muscle mass and fat loss.

Each 1mL contains:
Testosterone Propionate 75 mg
Trenbolone Acetate 75 mg
Drostanolone Propionate 75 mg

What's the usage?

Ripex 225 is a powerful steroids for bodybuilder, it is always used in the three aspect below.

1. Increase your lean muscle. Ripex225 could help the bodybuilder to build a lean muscle.

2. Hard muscle mass while retaining strength: ripex 225 is a very popular steroids for bulking cycle.

3. Losing body fat: it also could promote fat burning.

Ripex 225mg/ml @100ml Cooking Recipe:

Testosterone Propionate 7.5g

Trenbolone Acetate 7.5g

Drostanolone Propionate 7.5g

3.6ml BA (3.6%)

79.525ml Grape seed oil

How To Homebrew 100ml for Ripex 225mg Injections:

First Step:

Testosterone Propionate 7.5g

Trenbolone Acetate 7.5g

Drostanolone Propionate 7.5g

3.6ml BA (3.6%)

79.525ml Grape seed oil

20CC Syringe

15CC Syringe

2 18ga needles, 1 25ga Needle

0.45 Sterile Whatman Filter

100ml Sterile Vial

100ml Vial

Electric Scale

Rubbing Alchol/Paper Towels

Second Step:

Now that all materials are in place, take out scale and put on unsterile 100ml vial on scale and zero out.

Third Step:

Using syringe, make sure there are no airbubbles and plunger is exactly in line with 15ml hatch mark. Now slowly squirt Testosterone Ethanate into vial until scale says 18 grams. Also add the 3.6ml of Benzyl Alcohol

Forth Step:

Now add 79.525 ml Grapeseed Oil into the vial to make total volume of oil/ba/bb/hormone to be 50 mL. Leave the 2ml of oil in syringe for later use. Put rubber stopper into vial aswell as one of the 18ga needles. Boil a pot of hot water and then remove from heat and put vial into pot for 10 minutes, take out after 5 to shake and put back in. More High Purity Steroids Powder and Painness Pre Made Blend Steroids Oils contact us.

Fiveth Step:

Using a crimper so crimp another seal on the vial but you could also duct tape it on so that rubber stopper doesn't come out when upside down when you're drawing oil out of vial. Here's what it looks like unfiltered but mixed up.

Sixth Step:

Now take out sterile 100ml vial and wipe stopper with rubbing alchol. Put 18ga needle and 25ga needle through stopper, and attach whatman filter to the 18ga needle stuck in vial.

Seventh Step:

Once you've filtered all 100ml and vial is totally empty, take the last 2ml you had saved and run it through the filter to get all gear out of it and only leave plain oil in the filter. This is what final product will look like. Notice i left 25ga pin in.


Now put vial in oven at 200 degrees F, and bake for 15 minutes. Some repeat this step more than once but i never have and not had a problem. There you go, save yourself a ton of cash and MAKE YOUR OWN GEAR!

Recommended Dosage: 225-675mg

Active Life: 2-3 days

Needed Tools: Heating and stirring equipment, Auto Vacuum Pump Filter, Penicillin Bottles, Bottle Sealing Device etc.

Why Choose It?

1. With a very competitive price than finished oils sold in the market.

2. The quality is guaranteed good, using 99%+ purity powder and solvents.

3. It's safe for new users.

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